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What You Need to Know About the UK General Student Visa

The UK has different visas that immigrants can apply for based on the purpose of their travel and the intended duration of stay in that country. This article discusses some of the pertinent information that Australians need to know about the General Student Visa. Use this information to plan and prepare for your intended study trip to the UK.

Who Can Apply for This Visa

The General Student Visa (also known as a Tier 4 Student Visa) is open to individuals who are at least 16 years old. You must have been offered a place to study at an educational institution that is licensed to offer the study programme that you have applied for. You also need to be able to support yourself financially for the entire duration of your stay in the UK.

When You Can Apply

You can lodge your application for the Tier 4 Student Visa three months to the commencement of your chosen study course. The UK visa office will then give you feedback about your application in about three weeks.

The Fees That You Have to Pay

You are expected to pay the visa application fees before you submit your visa application documents. You may also be expected to pay a healthcare surcharge to cover your medical needs while you are in the UK. You should find out the total visa fees payable using the UK visa calculator here.

When You Can Arrive

Once your Tier 4 student visa application is approved, you can travel to the UK a maximum of a week to the commencement of your study course if your course is expected to last a maximum of six months. For those intending to study for more than half a year, arrival in the UK can be up to a month prior to the commencement of the course.

Knowledge of English

Contrary to what many people may think, not everyone travelling to the UK on the Tier 4 Student Visa is required to sit for a test to confirm his or her competence in English language. Nationals of countries that are exempted by the UK visa office are not required to sit an English language test. Thus, Australians going to study in the UK are exempted from sitting the English language test. The same exception applies to all those who completed a course of study in any of the countries on that list.

There is so much more that you need to know about the General Student Visa to the UK (such as the documents you should attach to your application). It is therefore advisable for you to contact a migration agent in Australia so that he or she can take you through all the steps required so that your application process is hassle-free. So contact a migration agent today or click here for more information.