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4 Reasons Why You Need A Building Surveyor When Renovating Your Home

Home renovations are quite popular in Australia. Homeowners use renovations to increase the market value of their properties and customise homes to suit their needs. If you intend to conduct extensive renovation works that involve building extensions or interfering with structural features, you need the services of a building surveyor. The extract below puts forward four compelling reasons why you require a building surveyor's services. 

Inspecting The Property

Before commencing the renovation works, you must be sure that the existing building can support the additional loads. For example, if you need to install a new roof, add a floor above or pull down some pillars, the improvements could compromise the structural integrity of your property. A building surveyor will conduct an extensive assessment of the current condition of your home. For example, it could have foundation problems or weak pillars. In this case, you need to reinforce these features before you commence the renovation works. 

Commissioning Construction Works

A local council permit is required when conducting extensive renovation works. Building surveyors are your best bet when applying for this permit. Ideally, the surveyor will examine the new blueprints to ensure they comply with the local building code. Besides, the surveyor will ensure that the new works do not affect the safety of the building or increase its susceptibility to disasters and pests. The surveyor will also ensure that you do not flout zoning or strata regulations. 

Supervising The Contractor's Work

How can you tell that the contractor at the site follows the blueprints? Most homeowners may not have the expertise to examine construction variables such as the quality of concrete, the types of beams, the size of pillars and slabs, and concrete curing times. Your building surveyor will conduct regular inspections to ensure the contractor follows the construction guidelines. Should the contractor conduct shoddy work, the surveyor has the right to stop construction works until improvements are made. As the homeowner, you do not have to worry about additional costs if you signed a watertight contract with the builder. 

Sanctioning The Renovated Building

Once the renovations are complete, the building surveyor conducts a final inspection to ensure the contractor meets all requirements. They will also issue a certificate sanctioning the building as safe. This inspection is a critical part of the renovation project since future buyers could ask you for this certificate. Without it, you might sell the property at a throw-away price. 

When renovating a property, a building surveyor will inspect the property, commission construction works, supervise the contractor and sanction the renovated building.