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We had a successful family business until my wife and I broke up. I don't think I realised how much she was doing in the business until she left. She doesn't want to help me out with the business and I'm really struggling with making sure the business stays profitable and getting our online shop working again. I'm getting in a business consultant to help keep the business going and I'm making sure to keep good records of everything so I don't lose track of my business again. Let's learn about business improvement and online shop development for small business owners.



Metallurgy: Copper Alloy Options for Commercial Fabrication

Copper is an ideal material for fabrication of diverse goods such as building structures, jewellery and door handles. The metal is advantageous because it has high machinability, ideal aesthetics, conductivity and good strength. Moreover, there are different alloys that are manufactured for specialty applications. The alloys are designed to improve on properties such as corrosion resistance, physical resilience and the appearance. If you want to fabricate custom copper alloy products for sale in your business, it is important to evaluate and compare the different metallurgy materials available. Here are the primary copper alloy options to consider for commercial fabrication.


Brass is an alloy that is prepared using copper and zinc materials as the primary constituents. In some cases, small quantities of lead and tin are added for machinability of the custom products and intrinsic strength respectively. The content of alloying metals can be different and the properties will vary, so it is important to inquire about the specific characteristics of potential raw materials. Brass is generally yellow in colour, and the zinc content will prevent tarnishing and general corrosion. This copper alloy is a perfect choice for manufacturing custom items that require good aesthetics and minimal frictional resistance. You should choose this material for fabrication of locks, door handles, musical instruments and parts as well as gears and bearings.


Bronze is prepared by combining copper and a significant amount of tin. Additional metals such as nickel, manganese and aluminium as well as non-metallic materials like arsenic and silicon might be incorporated in some bronzes to improve certain characteristics. Bronze is stronger than pure copper, so it is suitable for applications that cause accelerated wear of products. It also has better corrosion resistance which makes it suitable for use in humid and salty marine regions. In addition, some specialty alloys will have improved machinability and stiffness, depending on the constituents. You can utilise this material for manufacture of commercial products such as bearings, bells, musical instruments and electrical contacts.

Precious Metal Alloys

Copper metal can be alloyed with precious metals such as silver and gold to create unique materials for specialty fabrication. These manufactured alloys are expensive and are suited for fabricating decorative items such as jewellery, vases and statues. The materials are not commonly found in the industrial market, so you will need a specialty dealer. The common precious metal alloys include hepatizon and tumbaga. Hepatizon is a valuable material that consists of copper with small quantities of gold and silver while tumbaga is a mixture of gold and copper.