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Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney After an Injury

After an injury on the job or due to a car accident or for any other reason, you may want to speak to a personal injury attorney. He or she will ensure that you file a claim against an insurance company in a timely manner so that your rights and any potential case you have will be protected and that you understand those rights in the first place. When speaking to such an attorney, you might want to note some questions to ask him or her. This will ensure you know the process involved and protect your rights overall.

1. Ask if you should see a different doctor

After an injury, you may have seen a doctor who told you that your injury wasn't very severe. You might assume that seeing another doctor who will give you a different diagnosis will be better for your case. Don't make this assumption on your own, as an attorney can advise if this would work against you. For example, an insurance company might realize that you're simply shopping around for a certain diagnosis, and your credibility may be at stake. Ask your attorney for advice on this before you make any assumptions as to how your diagnosis will affect your overall case.

2. Ask how to handle an insurance adjuster

After hiring an attorney, you might want to ask how to handle an insurance adjuster. This is a person who investigates insurance claims and then recommends what payment a person is owed, if any. Often, an insurance adjuster will record their conversations with an injured person, and in some cases, the things you say on that recording can be used later in court. The statements you make might be very costly if you don't understand the extent of your injuries when being interviewed. A good personal injury attorney may want to be present with you when you speak to an adjuster in order to protect your case, so ask how to handle them if you've been contacted by such an adjuster.

3. Ask if there is a time limit for consulting with a doctor

Some areas will require someone who has been injured to consult with a doctor within a certain timeframe after an accident or injury. If you don't consult with a doctor within that time, it may be assumed that you aren't truly injured or that a doctor cannot get an accurate assessment of your injuries. In turn, you may lose your rights to a claim. After hiring an attorney, it's good to ask about this time limit even if you did see a doctor so you know that it was within that legal time limit and you're still eligible for financial compensation.

These questions are important to ask your personal injury lawyer so they can help you get the most from your case.